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Increase Sales. Motivate Employees. Retain Customers. Promote Safety. Build Your Brand.

Promotional Products Work

In 2005, best-selling New York Times author, Tom Friedman, said, “The world is flat.”   In 2008, he updated the story to “Hot, Flat, and Crowded.” These are interesting metaphors, that refer to global competition, and the so-called ‘leveling’ of the playing field.

But in your business, you can tilt the playing field in your favor and create a competitive advantage to move forward. We can help!  At Flat World Design, we design, create, and deliver promotional marketing solutions, that can help you increase sales, motivate employees, retain customers, promote safety, and build your brand.

We can help you tilt the playing field.   To your advantage.   That’s just what we do!

Since 2005, we have been helping large and mid-sized companies with their promotional marketing needs and designing promotional marketing campaigns for large and small budgets. You can read our customer testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us. We have helped our clients:

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