How to make food gifts last a long time

Throughout the year, and particularly around company anniversaries and around various holidays, as our clients start contemplating corporate gift giving for employee gifts as well as customer appreciation programs, the discussion invariably leads to food gifts.

Q: Why give food gifts?
A:  There are several reasons why corporate gifts of food items are the most popular ingredient in a holiday gift giving program.  We’ll discuss more about this in a separate article.

But for now, let’s talk about how to make food gifts last a really long time!  That seems counter-intuitive for something that is a perishable item, does it not?

An imprint viewed as a keepsake will motivate the recipient to save and treasure the box long after the contents have been enjoyed.

Some examples of creating collectibles:

  • promotional-food-gift-english-butter-toffeeA hospital sent doctors a box of Chocolate Almonds with the invitation to a ball imprinted on the lid of the box.
  • A company presented its customers with boxes of English Butter Toffee, a specially designed 25th anniversary logo was imprinted on the box cover.
  • An insurance company presented a box of Deluxe Mixed Nuts with a line drawing of its building to attendees at the dedication of a new wing.

Successful programs also can be assured by creating a collectible series of imprints that can be given over a period of time.  For example:

  • An automobile dealer used a series of antique autos as the imprint on its annual holiday gift of boxed chocolates and nuts given to key customers.
  • One manufacturing company with an interest in conservation imprinted a different wildlife animal each year on a box of mixed nuts.

firebranded wood Post-It note holderIn fact, one of the major benefits of a promotional product given as a gift is the inclination of a recipient to retain the product for a long period of time.  The “gift” continues to deliver repeated impressions, and each time the imprint is seen, feelings of appreciation and goodwill toward the giver are reinforced. Some products deliver that benefit over even longer periods because they become collectibles.  Such is the case with the firebrand imprinted wooden gift boxes.

The next time you think about food gifts consider this: the uniqueness of the imprint is important in transforming a box into a collectible.