Marketing Calendar: July 2013

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Patriotic-Flag-Promotional Product-for-July-Marketing-Stress-Reliever-Ball

In July – you are FREE to be creative!

Each month, our events marketing calendar provides ideas and suggestions for you to be creative in your promotional campaigns. The July marketing calendar is no different!

July is National Ice Cream Month

This is a great time for your company to run a fun and refreshing promotion. Treat employees to an unannounced ice cream day where senior-level people serve ice cream and all the fixings. Dish out the goodies into special logo-ed bowls. Also, if you are a salesperson visiting clients this month, bring along frozen treats for everyone in the office – this will go a long way toward building goodwill. You might consider giving everyone their own serving scoop. Finally, be a good corporate citizen and reach out to the community by serving free ice cream at events like parades, little league games or music festivals.

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July 4 – Independence Day

Show your patriotism today and support our troops by sponsoring a float in a parade and distributing flags. Or you can hand out bottled water along the parade route. You can also hand out fireworks-enhancement glasses to attendees at the local display. Naturally you’ll want all products to be logo-ed, so call your distributor partner today.

July 15 – National Get Out of the Doghouse Day

What did you do? No matter what it is that put you in the doghouse, use today as a way to make amends. Call those clients and customers with whom you’ve had difficulties and discuss ways that you can start doing business anew. Keep a humorous bent to it and consider giving out logo-ed dog products. Plus, you never know, your contact might put the product to good use.

July 25 – National Chili Dog Day

It’s the perfect day to have a little barbecue on-site. Grill up hot dogs and provide chili sauce for all. You can include clients, vendors and employees. Kick back and make sure you have plenty of logo-ed fun-in-the-sun products like flying discs, caps, sunglasses, beverage coolies, etc.

Like any of these ideas?  Call us anytime to start a brainstorming session.