80 million ways in which one company is leveraging promotional products to increase sales on Black Friday

November 12th by admin  
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Here is an interesting little story from USA Today that caught our attention this morning.

According to the USA Today report: ‘Starting Black Friday through Christmas Eve, Penney’s employees will be handing out more than 80 million small, holiday-theme circular buttons to customers. Each has a code on the back that, when entered on J.C. Penney’s website, reveals whether a customer has won prizes such as a trip to Disneyland, tickets to Ellen Degeneres’ show or J.C. Penney merchandise or gift cards.

“Instead of mailing out millions of coupons, we’ll be handing out millions of buttons,” said CEO Ron Johnson in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, touting the retailer’s new strategy, which downplays sales and promotions. “We believe in acts of generosity.”

We like this idea a lot! We have blogged earlier about cost-effectiveness of promotional products and effectiveness of promotional products

Sounds like J. C. Penney gets it too! Do you agree? Comment below and tell us what you think…