Are your promo campaigns true to your brand?

March 1st by admin  
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What do the promotional products in your advertising campaign say about yuour brand?

I read an interesting article about branding nonprofit organizations on the Lightbox Collborative blog called, “Down with branding. Up with bonding!”

It says “brand encompasses every aspect of an organization, and therefore does not belong exclusively to the marketing team but should be understood and promoted by everyone.”  Simple.  Makes sense.

I sometimes come across an employee of an organization looking to use promotional products, in a campaign or at an event, that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the company’s brand, identity, image or values. 

It is either a case of misplaced brand identity – where the website says one thing – and the marketing department’s employees act and behave a different way…or…more often…it is a case where they are just not paying attention.

What does your promotional campaign say about your brand?  We’re listening… and we can give you critical advice based on our experience.  Ask about a 360-degree evaluation from Flat World Design.