Building tradeshow traffic

September 7th by admin  
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The most difficult thing about building tradeshow traffic is making your booth stand out from the crowd. Some companies spend thousands of dollars on extremely fancy tradeshow booths. That is certainly one way to go about getting attention.
Alternately, with creative use of promotional products, and the correct “implementation” or “execution” of a promotional products strategy, your booth will not only stand out, it could even become the talk of the show. Flat World Design has some experience making clients’ tradeshow dollars work very hard to make a fantastic impression on show attendees.

We can show you how to use creative products in a creative promotion to literally have lines (of not just anybody, but of targeted prospects) form in front of your booth – just to get a free giveaway. And more importantly, we can help you make sure that your target prospects will DO exactly what you want them to do.

Contact us for a presentation on “The Power of Promotional Products.”