My conversation with a VP of Marketing

February 1st by admin  
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Last week, I happened to be discussing the effective use of promotional products with the VP of Marketing at a multi-billion dollar industrial conglomerate.  The conversation went on for more than 45 minutes as we chatted about the economy, the challenges faced by this company, and its strategic plans for expansion into newer markets.  He was very intrigued by our unique approach to helping clients find effective promotional marketing solutions.  As I explained the importance of identifying a measurable objective or goal for every promotion, I was pleased that it seemed to strike a chord with him. 

Without an objective or a target, it is impossible to bring any kind of discipline into the process of selecting a promotional product and designing an effective distribution method for it.  The “MVP” of any promotion – includes the Message (which needs to be conveyed), the Vehicle (or the promotional product used to get attention, and convey the message), and the Person (your target prospect or customer, for whom the message was crafted.)  Remember:  if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there!

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