Humorous Greeting Cards

September 30th by admin  
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Customers have often asked for business cards with a sense of humor. I think this is really key. Humor is a nice way to set yourself or your company apart – even if your business is all serious business. The whole point of a personal greeting card is to acknowledge something, wish someone for something. The idea is that you cared about someone enough to take the time to write them a card. Now, just show that you care – and get remembered for it.So here is a little widget that gets you to another one of our partner websites – where you can order as many personalized greeting cards as you like – based on all kinds of themes – including personal and business. You can order as few as 1 card – or as many as you like. Go ahead and try it. If nothing else, you can at least send yourself a card – to see how the system works.And if you are ordering cards for others – we can have those mailed out directly to them for a small fee – or we can ship them all to you – and you can mail them out.