Imagine your company logo or design on a bottle of wine!

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Custom Label Wine

Custom Labeled Wine – An exquisite customer appreciation gift

Create your own private label or have our in-house graphic artist do the design. Personalized advertising gets your message and image out to your target audience.

How can I use custom labeled wine? Here are some of our ideas for:

  • Businesses
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Occasions
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Liquor Stores and Wine Boutiques

Imagine your logo on a bottle of wine .  Personalize the message to include your name, business information, hours of operation, etc. Include the important highlights of your operation to entice the customer to discuss your business with other potential customers.  Traditional forms of advertising only allow your message to be placed before the public for a short period of time. A bottle of wine with your message printed on it will be taken away by the customer. It will be advertising for you for days, weeks, months, even years depending how long the customer holds onto the bottle.

Corporate Events:
Are you in charge of organizing the next company function?   Are you tired of always seeing the same products at these events?

We’ll work with you to create a customized wine label for your company’s special occasion!   We work closely with our suppliers to make your next company function the best one yet.

Commemorate your next corporate meeting, picnic, event or convention with bottles of wine customized to promote the occasion.

Guests at the event will be delighted to see your information printed right on the label of the bottle of wine they are drinking.
Special Occasions:
Individuals can customize labels for bottles of wine for commemorative events. Imagine having wine made for your wedding and having some extra bottles made to have for your anniversaries in the future.

The next family reunion can be memorialized with a family photo on a bottle of wine. What a creative way to announce the birth of your baby, allowing recipients to keep and treasure the event, while also keeping a bottle to enjoy with your child on their 21st birthday.

Just think of using custom labeled wine at your next event:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Reunion
  • Graduation
  • Religious Celebration
  • Holiday gathering
  • Loved ones return from military duty
  • Anniversary
  • And so on…

Bars and Restaurants:
This is a great tool for branding. Classify your wine as a “Signature” Cabernet or “Private Reserve” Merlot and try to get people away from the inexpensive, non descriptive house wines and over to your very own “Signature” wine. By doing this, you will be creating a huge up-sale for your establishment, which will generate more revenue, as well as, provide marketing for your establishment at the same time.

Liquor Stores and Bars:
This is a great tool for marketing outside of your location and in peoples’ homes. Imagine a person is having a party at their home and is pouring a bottle of your store’s custom labeled wine. When the party-goers fall in love with the taste of the wine, they know exactly where to go to find it, which is your store and only your store. They will not find that bottle of wine down the street at your competitors.

Intrigued?  Read on…

Custom labeled wine provides businesses and organizations an innovative approach to promoting their name, logo and message.  Why provide consumers with a bottle of wine with another company’s name and information on it?

For Thanksgiving, Christmas, and End-of-year Customer Appreciation programs, as well as to celebrate birthdays and weddings, commemorate anniversaries and graduations, and even a wine label for your charitable organizations fundraising event—the possibilities are endless!

We are here to provide you with your own brand of wine in four different varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

  • 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon: The Cabernet is grown in the Alexander and Russian River Valleys in Sonoma, California. It is aged in 40% new French and American oak barrels for 20 months. It is rich and elegant with enticing flavors of black currant, tart cherry, tobacco and clove. This robust wine finishes with moderate tannins.
  • 2006 Merlot: The Merlot is grown in the Alexander and Russian River Valleys in Sonoma, California. It is aged in 40% new French and American oak barrels for 20 months. It is smooth and velvety with tantalizing flavors of ripe cherries, blackberries, and a touch of spice. This full bodied wine finishes on a nice, smooth note.
  • 2005 Chardonnay: The Chardonnay is grown in the heart of the Russian River Valley which is located in Sonoma, California. It is aged in 35% new French oak for 8 months. It offers hints of apricots and figs with floral aromas and flavors while imparting tropical characteristics. This is an intense, full bodied wine with an excellent structure.
  • 2007 Sauvignon Blanc: The Sauvignon Blanc is grown in the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley in Sonoma, California. It is 100% slow stainless steel fermented for 3 months at a cool 55 degrees. It is loaded with rich concentrated flavors of melon and citrus that leaves a crisp, clean palate. This leaves a very rounded finish for you to enjoy.