Marketing Calendar: March 2013

March 1st by admin  
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Time for ‘spring cleaning’ your promotional marketing activities and calendar?

Look for connections and tie-ins to holidays, national events, appreciation weeks and other special occasions. Some of these could present great opportunities to promote your company or organization or even re-vitalize your employees using promotional products. Supporting high-profile events and occasions that are of specific importance to your audience (customers, partners, employees) can make good business sense and could let you increase the impact of your promotional marketing efforts.

Consider adding a national event component to your next promotion for added exposure and popularity. Here are some promotional ideas for March.

March is International Ideas Month
The lifeblood of any company is the ideas that eventually springboard to new product or service offerings. March is dedicated to ideas, big and small, and people are encouraged to voice their thoughts. Use this month to create a program that uses brainstorming sessions to generate ideas from employees as well as clients. Boost participation by providing everyone with logoed gifts like leather padfolios or fine writing instruments. Offer prizes for the top and most creative ideas. But, no matter what you do, you need to go into meetings with an open mind and hear everyone’s ideas. The experts at Flat World Design can help you find the perfect products to complement the events.

March 7: National Agriculture Day
Celebrated within the agricultural field, this day is also perfect for a “come grow with us” themed promotion. There are a variety of products – seeds, kits, gardening implements, etc. – that can play off that theme and carry your company logo. And when plants start to grow, your customers will continually be reminded of you.

March 21: Companies That Care Day
As a corporation, you care about your employees and your community, but do you let them know that? Well, take that opportunity today. Have an open house and invite local vendors, businesses, civic organizations, etc., to tour the facility and partake in a wine-and-cheese party. Focus on how your company contributes to the local economy and all the other important things you do like sponsoring local sports teams. Also, do something special for your employees and provide them with thoughtful gifts. We can help you hash out all the details.

March 29: National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
The backbone of the U.S. economy is small business. If you own a small business, use today to tout your many accomplishments. If you work with smaller businesses, let them know how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Remember the Small Business campaign from American Express? Use social media to shout your message loud and clear. Also, use a variety of logoed products as thank-you gifts.