Most consumers prefer USA made products. Even the Chinese!

June 26th by admin  
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Made in the USA Promotional Products
More and more consumers are sticking close to home when choosing their promotional products. Over 80 percent of US consumers recently surveyed by BCG stated that they are willing to pay more for products that are made in the United States versus those made in China. In the same study, roughly 60 percent of the US consumers polled revealed that they had elected to purchase products made in America over less expensive Chinese goods at least once in the month prior to participating in the survey.

There are dozens of reasons why offering recipients (customers, employees, tradeshow attendees, etc.) products made in the USA is a smart decision.

Here are just a few:

  • Here in the US, companies operate under strict safety and compliance measures not always found in industries around the world.
  • Quality is always a factor! American companies have higher standards of quality control. This equals higher-quality products for you and your customers.
  • Presenting promotional products that are made in the USA sends a powerful message. When we buy products made in America, we are supporting American workers and companies that are doing business here.

Unfortunately, although they often come with a lower standard of quality, imported items are usually accompanied by a lower cost. In the current economy, there are times when cost becomes the number one factor in a project. Maintaining quality requires us to be extra vigilant when sourcing products. By making USA made products available to Flat World Design customers, we enable you to secure high-quality products at a reasonable cost.