NBC is joining hundreds of customers who use food as a promotional tool!

February 24th by admin  
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An NBC rep is quoted on mashable.com as saying that this is the first time the network has used food (the Chipotle promotion) to get consumers to watch a show promo for America’s Next Great Restaurant (ANGR).

In fact many of Flat World Design’s customers have been using food in their promotional products strategy for a long time. These are particularly popular and commonly used as thank you gifts around the holidays. But ’tilting the playing field to YOUR advantage’ (which is where we come in) is not about doing common or ‘popular’ things. It’s about standing out. Be different. But most importantly, be effective. Make marketing WORK for you.

Talk to us about your ideas and marketing objectives around a new product or service launch – or a customer acquisition campaign – and we’ll put our creative heads together to help you tilt the playing field to YOUR advantage.