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February 27th by admin  
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Personalized Gift Bags with Corporate LogoMass marketing is dead.  Except for a few selected cases of very broad audiences, and in cases where there is just no way to target your audience, where marketers with deep pockets may see some limited success with mass media marketing, today’s marketing is all about targeting, focusing and generating better ROI.

In this edition, Flat World Design is delighted to present a few winning ideas and promotional marketing strategies that we have culled from some of our favorite suppliers.  You can also click here to download our latest specials – which provides tangible advertising alternatives for your brand.  Whether you are interested in increasing sales, motivating employees, retaining customers, promoting safety, or building your brand, one of these durable advertising ideas may be just the right solution.  Contact us for suggestions that will meet your specific needs, budgets, timeline and marketing objectives.

  • Improve relationships with high quality promotional products
  • While many advertising mediums are losing audiences due to new technology (and IMHO, crowding) promotional products continue to deliver to targeted audiences.
  • Rather than reaching broadly with mass marketing which can be expensive, consider targeting your audience with cost-effective promotional products.
  • Most mass marketing mediums count on the chance that your audience will tune in.  Instead, choose the advertising medium that your clients and prospects carry around with them every where they go – ie. promotional products.
  • Brand awareness is driven by frequency.  For maximum impact, choose promotional products that deliver high retention (ie: “more views”) for maximum impact.
  • Rather than becoming another ad on a page, choose exclusivity in your clients’ office or home.
  • Unlike other forms of advertising like website banner ads and TV ads (which can sometimes be seen as intrusive, and bothersome) promotional products increase affinity because people appreciate receiving items.
  • Unlike television which requires expensive production to deliver the effect favored by audiences, imprinting costs for promotional products are relatively inexpensive and allow you to make your budget travel further.
  • While audiences tend to tune out or surf during radio and television commercials, high quality promotional products become valued fixtures that are viewed over and over.
  • Build brand value by giving items that are personal.  (eg. a Deluxe Travel Manicure Set, a neat luggage tag, or a handy Compact Mirror.)
  • Stand out with your audience by giving items that are new or unique or highly valued.  Very often, a nice product does not have to be new or unique, but if it is a good quality product AND, most importantly, if the product “jives” with the marketing message, it will most likely be valued and retained by the recipient.  We have loads of case studies on this subject, just ask.
  • Gifts and awards of appreciation and recognition, can be functional and fun.  Your logo should remind customers or prospects of your message AND that you care!
  • Business-to-business marketing can be a challenge…but reaching a customer or prospect emotionally – often means providing a product that they will use in their daily routine.
  • How do you reach young adults who don’t tune in to traditional advertising mediums?  Through their favorite gadgets.  (We have a selection of them available on our website…)

Tell us about how your last promotion worked out…and let us know if you have an upcoming event, promotion or marketing project.  We can help you measure and improve your ROI.