Promotional products vs. commodities.

January 25th by admin  
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Imagine what would happen if your customers started thinking that your product or service is a commodity.

If a cold shiver went down your spine, you would not be alone. 

Many businesses are being “commoditized” with every passing year.  As noted author and futurist, Daniel Pink puts it, “if what you are doing in your job can be written down and summarized in a bunch of “steps,” your job is on its way to be “outsourced” – to some place with a lower cost of living, and where people are willing and able to do your job for less.

That is the nature of the flat world.  Brutal, unforgiving.  Commoditization.  Competition.  Downward price pressure.

So what about your business?  Does your marketing look JUST LIKE your competitors’ marketing?  If so, I’ve got bad news for you.  You’ve just been (or are about to be) commoditized. 

I read the following comment / complaint posted by a customer of a large office supplies company that sells promotional products – on the company’s own Facebook page.  (Social media is awesome!)

“DO NOT order pens that will need lettering or a logo from [name deleted]. We just received our order and we need a magnifier to even see the lettering. We can’t even hand them out to our customers because they are embarrassing. I placed a call to customer service and they refuse to do anything about it even though we spent over $1,000 on promotional items.”

While I empathized with this person, and the company will probably try to “fix” the problem – the thought that crossed my mind was this:  “They are buying marketing tools –  like a commodity – from a commodity provider.   I hope – for their sake – that they are putting these tools to good use – and that their MARKETING itself is not commoditized.”

Is your marketing commoditized?  Are your marketing tools commoditized?  If so – it may be a sign that your products and services are also commodities – or very nearly about to be commoditized.

Talk to a marketing professional. 

The world is flat.  Tilt the playing field to your advantage.