Keep An Eye On Safety Incentives That Fit Like A Glove (or why rock stars wear amber or blue lenses…)

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Safe practices guidelines are a huge part of any national or global business whether it be manufacturing, warehousing, or refining facilities, hospital/medical entities or office buildings. Two of those very important safety issues involve eye and hand safety. When one of our favorite suppliers introduced their line of ANSI-rated Performance Eyewear for work and sport safety, it came as no surprise when they rose in popularity in the Tool Zone product category.

Performance Eyewear.

ANSI-rated safety glasses are essential to any work environment that is subjected to flying debris, spraying liquids and bright- or low-light conditions. (Wow, we could be talking about our kitchen!). We can supply safety glasses that are ANSI Z87.1+ certified and that have shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses which meet high impact standards of protection. Each lens color offered in our Performance Eyewear has a specific purpose:

Clear Lenses:

clear lensesThis lens is very popular as it is used indoor in well-lighted warehouses, medical/dental offices and hospitals.

Amber Lenses:

Anser camo frame with amber lensesThis lens is a very popular seller and is great for indoor and low-light work environments. They brighten your field of vision! They are great for truck, auto or machinery drivers to wear in low-visibility weather conditions. Did you know there are some auto safety entities that are encouraging all drivers to wear amber lenses at night while operating their motor vehicles? And why not? Motorcyclists have been wearing them at nighttime for years!

Amber lenses also make great sport shooting glasses for any clients to who take guests on hunting or skeet shooting adventures. Our new Anser camo frame with amber lenses are a hit with outdoorsmen! Blue lenses also serve the same purpose but amber ones are most popular. Now you know why those rock stars wear amber or blue lenses!

I/O Mirror Lenses:

safety glasses with mirror lensesThese clear lenses with a mirrored finish are useful for transitioning between indoor and outdoor work environments. For instance, when a warehouse employee occasionally has to step outside to unload a truck. The mirror finish reflects sunlight and reduces glare. Workers don’t have to switch their glasses each time!

Gray Lenses, Bronze Lenses, Mirror Lenses, Polarized lenses:

Gray Anser glassesThese lenses are great for outdoor work / recreational environments. Gray lenses are especially popular as they provide protection from glare and light without distorting color perception. We supply lots of gray lenses to the oil / gas / energy industry.

And an added bonus? All the aforementioned Performance Eyewear models, regardless of lens color, offer 99.9% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Mechanics Gloves.

(me-chan-ics: of or relating to manual work or skill.)
Due to the popularity of our safety glasses, we have also seen a lot of interest in a new line of ‘mechanics’ or work gloves this year that have become an industry best-seller. Why? Well, did you know that contact with objects / equipment was found to be the leading event or exposure to non-fatal occupational injuries? Glove use can significantly reduce hand injuries and are essential to any company whose labor force has the potential for cuts, abrasions and punctures. Gloves also protect hands from coming in contact with bacteria and viruses and they provide a better grip when lifting heavy objects. Those of you who watch those storage unit auction reality shows can attest to why one would want to wear work gloves as they scrounge through their new possessions! Have you seen some of the ‘stuff’ they pull out?

Once again, we carry a line of six different styles of gloves from our favorite safety products supplier. Most of them offer a synthetic leather palm, a Spandex (R) back and elastic cuff with Velcro (R) closure for a comfy fit. And, they are available in Medium, Large and XL sizing.

Our Anti-Vibration Mechanics Gloves feature a padded palm for added comfort and durability when working with moving machinery and tools.

The Thinsulate Mechanics Glove is lined with 40g Thinsulate (R) to keep your hands warm and dry. Warm and dry? In Texas and Oklahoma? If your employees deliver to one of the many retailers with commercial freezers and refrigerators – you are looking to supply them with logo-branded safety products, right? Try stacking frozen foods or cold beer without warm gloves, even in 100+ degree heat!

So, if you need branded safety glasses and/or logo imprinted work gloves – you should know that we can provide them!

If you are interested in effectiveness and return-on-investment (ROI) on safety, read on. We often encounter companies who defer these purchases to their safety directors, or purchasing agents, who in turn simply buy them in bulk from safety product distribution companies. Often, the safety glasses have basic boring frames (or none at all) with no character. And the work gloves may be those stretchy ‘one-size-fits-all’ versions that lack adequate protection and gripping capability. In other words, they are low-quality and easily disposable. When a product is perceived as cheap and easily replaceable, it will be treated as such!

Get the picture? Providing your employees with a better-quality pair of safety glasses and / or work gloves will ultimately result in less dollars being spent from your safety products budget.

Our clients also buy logo-imprinted safety products from us the ‘ease of accountability’. Just because an employee is wearing something that looks like a pair of safety glasses doesn’t always mean they are ANSI-rated safety glasses. Some workers may have lost their safety glasses or may chose not to wear the boring company-provided version and replaced them with what looked liked a pair of safety glasses – which in actuality were not. Providing your employees with performance eyewear with your corporate logo will help insure that each time you see a member of your labor force wearing a pair of safety glasses with your logo, you know that they are in compliance.

Safety + Style + Marketing: A win-win-win solution.

Some of our clients, feeling the push from their work force to offer more comfortable, yet stylish safety gear, are reaping the marketing rewards, too. One such company noted many of their dock workers and warehouse labor had begun to ride their motorcycles to work when gasoline costs began to rise. They added the Blue Cefiro Sunglasses – a safety glass / goggle combo, as well as the Anti-Vibration glove to their company store program at a discounted price to their “riders”. As a result, the goggles and the work gloves are worn outside of work promoting both off-the-job safety and their logo! Talk about a win-win-win solution!

So, rest assured we can help you “Keep An Eye On Safe Practices” with Performance Eyewear and a “Hands-On Attitude for Safety” with our new Mechanics Gloves.