Perception can be a funny thing!

July 15th by admin  
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In an interesting article titled, ‘LISTING THE BEST PLACES LISTS: PERCEPTION VERSUS REALITY’ bloggers, Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill, write: “Perception can be a funny thing which makes a winner feel inferior to a clear runner-up.”

At Flat World Design, we could not agree more! When you are focused on effectiveness and results, you are not just thinking about an idea that sounds ‘cool’ or a promotion at a tradeshow that seems ‘popular.’. Rather, it is all about targeting the right audience, delivering the right message, and eliciting the right response, using a ‘relevant’ promotional product (specialty advertising device).

We’d love to hear a great story from your last tradeshow or company event, or perhaps a not-so-great one! Talk to us…we’ll get you set up correctly for your next one!