Marketing Calendar: April

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Green Earth Day Promotions from Flat World Design

April is Customer Loyalty Month

Regardless of how good your products or services are, without your customers you’re nowhere. Neglect them and you’ll regret it. Use April as a month to commit to offering your customers better service. Launch the campaign with a handwritten note that vows to make positive changes. Run daily testimonials on your website and Facebook fan page. Create a customer Bill of Rights and tweet each right daily. Finally, celebrate at month’s end with an appreciation party in which customers are gifted with lots of logo=ed items. Call Flat World Design today to get us to help in planning this month’s events.

April 1 – April Fools’ Day

Fun and frivolity make the workplace a happy and productive place. Consider running a fun stunt today that will garner media interest. Mail clients rubber chickens with a note telling them that your company is “no joke when it comes to …” Or make up weird news and post it to your social media channels to see who is paying attention. Your distributor partner knows how to get an imprinted rubber chicken, and more.

April 15 – National Take A Wild Guess Day

Yuck, today is Tax Day, one of the two certainties in life! But it’s also National Take a Wild Guess Day. So what to do? Run a day-long promotion where you tweet out a trivia question on the half hour. Those who answer should win a logo-ed item like a cap, T-shirt, desk accessory, etc. The fun campaign will have your clients transfixed on your company’s every move today.

April 22 – Earth Day

For companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, today is the perfect day to participate in local events. Man a booth at Earth Day fairs and demonstrate how your firm is committed to the Earth. Make sure all you literature is on recycled paper. Give away products like tote bags made from recycled bottles, organic T-shirts logo-ed with water-based inks and jar openers manufactured from recycled automobile tires. We can find you promotional products that help with developing the Earth-friendly message.

Like any of these ideas?  Call us anytime to start a brainstorming session.