How to create excitement and get a better response

September 8th by admin  
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A promotion can sometimes garner excitement and response, just by the sheer excitement and “fun” element in the product that is tied-in with the promotional campaign.

One such product is the BuzzBrush® – a versatile, two-in-one computer accessory tool designed to clean and maintain a computer keyboard, tablet or smart phone device. As you can see in the accompanying video, this product has an inverted cone-shaped brush designed to easily and effectively reach between the keyboard keys to remove lint, dust, and food particles. The second feature is a microfiber cleaning pad that removes fingerprints and dirt from the LCD screen and perhaps a tablet device like an Apple iPad® or iPad2®!

Now, if you’d like to use this item in a branded promotion for your product or service – you can! Just send us an email: buzz [at] FlatWorldDesign [dot] com and tell us about your event or campaign and we’ll set you up!