Marketing Calendar: Sept 2013

September 1st by admin  
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CoffeeRecently, I had an early morning meeting with my buddy Ric Armstrong, over coffee at a nearby Starbucks. Now, Ric is a great guy, and a very successful and experienced attorney and counsellor.  And he has built a very successful practice over the years. But what impressed me most about Ric, that morning was his fine-tuned approach to effective marketing. He is one of those people who actually “practices what I preach!”

At the end of our meeting, he had a neat “packet” for me to take back with me, which had a simple, elegant and professional looking custom imprinted folder that outlined the  various services offered by his firm, complete with a few “extra” referral cards – for me to hand out.  And the kicker was a set of moderately priced but unique and useful and high quality promotional products – with his firm’s information imprinted on them. These were definitely keepers!  (And as you can imagine, I come across a LOT of different promotional products!)

Make time in September for a one-on-one!

We get to know people better by meeting one on one because such meetings create more meaningful conversations. When this happens, people are more willing to open up about hopes, dreams, ideas, etc. Take time this month to meet with each of your clients to find out how well you are servicing them and what your company can do better. Also, make sure managers and supervisors meet with employees to get their feedback on the company. Perhaps they have a new product/service idea or a way to streamline a procedure. Blog about the meetings via social media, and don’t forget the promo products. Leather portfolios or electronic accessories would be valued gifts. Call us for more great ideas.

Happy Labor Day Weekend

The funny thing about Labor Day is that most of us don’t work that day. All of us at Flat World Design wish you an enjoyable and safe Labor Day weekend.

September 10 - Swap Ideas Day

Use this day to run company-wide brainstorming sessions. Be creative. Write ideas on white boards with markers or pens. Run fun exercises like photo caption contests, obstacle courses or scavenger hunts. Award prizes for all ideas, because no one wants to have theirs pooh-poohed. Call Flat World Design for logo-ed products and to pick our brain for fun and creative ideas.

September 17 - Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

This dual-purpose event commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution, and it also recognizes all who have become U.S. citizens. Take time today to show American pride and run a civic-minded promotion. American flags with imprinted flag poles and copies of the Constitution can be handed out at schools to teach kids about our country’s founding principles. We can help you find  lots of imprintable patriotic products.

Looking forward to October?

Well – we’ll tell you about several “think pink” ideas as well as easy and effective ways to promote safety and build awareness for your business during Halloween! Stay tuned…

Like any of these ideas?  Call us anytime to start a brainstorming session.