Marketing Calendar: November

October 31st by admin  
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“So little time.  So much more to do.”

That’s what I usually hear from a lot of colleagues and clients around this time of year.  Is this you?  I am guessing most of us are in this boat.

Fall is definitely here!

So the end-of-year holiday season is not far behind.  But before we get there – there are several serious and not-so-serious days to commemorate in November.   Contact us if you are looking for a special event or promotion idea…

November 11 – Veterans Day

Pay homage to those who have served this country by attending parades and other events that recognize vets. Visit veterans hospitals to talk to soldiers injured in the line of duty, or call on aging vets at assisted-living homes and other facilities. You can give them patriotic gifts like American flags, military-themed coins, medals and more.

November 14 – Loosen Up/Lighten Up Day

Try this out for a motto, “We take our business seriously, but not ourselves.” And this day is also the best time of year to run a humor-based promotion. Profile company officials or talk about why it’s silly not to use your products and services. You can even get logo-ed rubber chickens and whoopee cushions. Ask us for fun ideas to help with creating the laughter. It will be a good way to ease into the Thanksgiving and holiday season – while keeping things in perspective.

4th Thursday of November – Thanksgiving

Now’s your chance to beat the end-of-year holiday crush: When all other companies are sending their clients gifts and cards for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, you can stand out from the crowd with Thanksgiving cards and gifts like serving trays and utensils; plus, you can get them all affixed with your corporate logo. Cards and gifts at Thanksgiving have been a proven winner. After all, you don’t want to blend in with the crowd, do you?

Like any of these ideas?  Call us anytime to start a brainstorming session.