Improve responses for Market Research Surveys, Employee Surveys, and Customer Surveys

November 8th by admin  
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At Flat World Design, we understand that customer retention, is a key factor for businesses who want to increase income and profits.   Customer satisfaction (or CSAT) surveys are an important tool that can help you measure customer satisfaction levels, improve customer retention, and identify areas for improvement. 

Recently, a customer asked about the latest thinking in the area of offering incentives to participants of customer satisfaction surveys

Here is an “expert” response from an authoritative source on B2B surveys:

“We recommend that all customer survey clients offer some sort of incentive to respondents.   We’ve found that even a modest incentive can increase response rates dramatically.  Typical customer survey incentives include entry into a cash prize drawing or a nominal gift to every respondent.   You want to be careful that your incentive will not introduce respondent bias into the study (i.e., some customer segments become more likely than others to complete the survey.)   The trick here is to offer an incentive with universal appeal that all customers may find equally attractive.

If you are looking for incentives with universal appeal – that may appeal equally to all potential “respondents” of your survey – look no further.  Give us a call at (972) 499-0400 or email us for survey incentive ideas.  We will take a look at your survey parameters including population, budgets, target demographics and brainstorm with you to come up with some pertinent suggestions.  

Already have too much on your hands?  We can also provide turn-key solutions to drop-ship incentives directly to identified recipients.