A useful, valuable (and inexpensive) promotional product that can save a life.

June 26th by rajmenon  
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Over the weekend, I heard about this tragic story of a jogger who was run down by a car at 5:45 in the morning (while it was still dark).

I was at once reminded of a small and useful promotional product that could have saved his life.

Pedestrians (or joggers) on a road wearing dark clothing at night are first seen approximately 55 feet away.  To react, this gives the driver of an oncoming car less than 1 second.  A driver driving at 60 mph, typically needs over 260 feet to stop.

The chart below represents the distance a driver will first see a pedestrian depending on the color of their clothing. (You can click on the image to expand it for a clear view…)

Reflectors can save lives!

If your neighborhood, club, group, company or non-profit organization is organizing a local run or marathon event or outdoor fundraiser event, contact Flat World Design today and we’ll get you setup with an imprinted promotional product (with your organization’s logo or message on it, of course) that is at once, useful, inexpensive, and long-lasting while providing the greatest return-on-investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars!

Here is a link to the jogger’s story and how the helpful neighbors are rallying to raise money for the family.