Here’s an idea that will help generate awareness and increase trade show leads.

June 20th by admin  
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Close your eyes for a second.  Now try to visualize or remember the last time you saw the logo of a non-profit organization (like Susan G. Komen, or The Boys and Girls Club) associated with a business logo.

How did that make you feel about the said corporation?

Corporations have long recognized that philanthropic activities and doing good can provide excellent return-on-investment to the company’s financial bottom line.    A recent magazine article cites survey data from the Cone Cause Evolution Study which shows that 41% of Americans have purchased something because it was related to a social cause, and 85% of survey respondents had a more positive image of a product or company when the company supports a cause important to them.

BUT we were not surprised to read in the same article, that “exhibitors rarely incorporate any kind of cause marketing into their trade show programs.”

If you are associated with or responsible for  your company’s trade show program, here’s a valuable tip:  It is time to integrate your company’s cause marketing efforts with your trade show program.  And if you do not yet have a cause-related activities at your company, this is a good time to identify a cause you (and other employees) believe in, and support it via your exhibit program – for mutual benefit.

Click here to read the full article about incorporating your philanthropic and cause marketing efforts into your exhibit and / or tradeshow program.